I publish all my code from my projects and experiments to my GitHub page.

Here I’ll highlight some things I’ve been working on:


Public Transport Quality Grades (2018)

This is my just finished bachelor thesis. It’s about grading public transport service in Switzerland. We created a new specification and implemented a CLI tool using Python to generate the gradings, which can be visualized inside a React application.

Technologies: Python, Flask, React, PostgreSQL, PostGIS

PlazaRoute (2017)

This was my student research project. We used data from OpenStreetMap and improved on pedestrian routing through open areas by calculating shortest paths through them.

Technologies: Python, Flask

Examibur (2017)

This was an engineering project for my studies. We created a web application to grade and review exams. It was also an exercise in using SCRUM in a team of 4 people.

Technologies: Java, Java Spark, PostgreSQL

HSR Study Notes (2016 - 2018)

From my second semester at HSR onward, I wrote all my notes for my classes in Markdown and built a static website using MkDocs. That way, I always had a nicely formatted site of my notes without any overhead.

The websites are all still online:

Technologies: Markdown, MkDocs, Travis CI

Open\HSR Connect (2016)

With our group of Open Source enthusiasts (Open\HSR) we created a Python application to handle the common tasks in our university more easily (specifially on Linux machines), like installing a printer or downloading the lecture slides. My contribution was a file synchronisation between the remote file server and the local computer.

Technologies: Python


Here are some ideas I’ve played around with. They never grew to be complete projects and they were mostly created in an afternoon.

Lyrics Analysis (2017)

When the Natural Language API from Google was released, I thought it would be fun to feed some lyrics into it. I gathered lyrics from the charts in the last 20 years from various APIs and fed them through the Google API to get the sentiment score (how positive or negative a text is). I never got any meaningful results, but it was fun to play around with.

Technologies: Python

har2pcap (2016)

One afternoon we were playing around with the Chrome developer tools and wanted to analyze some network traffic with Wireshark. But Chrome works with the HAR format, Wireshark with pcap. We didn’t find any tool to convert between those formats, so we wrote one ourselves. It was an interesting challenge to pick apart a binary protocol (pcap) and construct data according to the protocol specifications.

Technologies: Python, TCP/IP